“Necessity is the mother of invention,” may not have been originally referred to Filipinos, but it might as well be. As a country regularly besieged by disasters or calamities, Filipinos have often been lauded by the rest of the worid for their resiliency. However. beyond resilience, the Filipino ingenuity has also been sharpened by Mother Nature’s fierce battering. TUKLAS Innovation Labs recognizes this innovative mindset Filipinos have fostered through these experiences.TUKLAS means “discovery” in Filipino and stands for “Tungo sa Kahandaan ng Pilipinas”. In 2018, the Philippines TUKLAS Innovation Labs supported 40 oommunity-centered innovative solutions by Filipinos designed to help vulnerable communities be better prepared for disasters. Throughout the year, the innovators worked hand-in-hand with 94 disaster-prone communities in the Philippines to test. refine, and implement their innovations.To celebrate a year of working with innovative Filipino ideas. TUKLAS Innovation Labs held the Pasundayag National Innovation Fair on March 29, 2019. at the Crown Plaza Manila Galleria -to culminate the series of Pasundayag Fairs held in various parts of the country in Central and Southern Luzon, Northern Luzon. Visayas, and Mindanao.

The Pasundayag National Fair is aThe Pasundayag National Fair is awholeday celebration highlighting a year of working together for solutions and innovations in disaster-preparedness. Local and international guests, including local and national agencies; investors; members of the academe; non-government organizations. disaster-affected communities. advocates, and fellow innovators; were present at the event.“We want to prove that innovations are for everyone-regardless of educational attainment and social status. People from communities can innovate and inspire innovation.” says Angelo Heman Melencio, consortium manager of TUKLAS. “This fair showcases innovative solutions for disaster preparedness that have been developed for and with communities throughout the Philippines.”It was also a venue where partners and stakeholders were able to share and Ieem from their experiences, as well as develop partnerships to support for Filipino innovators. “TUKLAS created an opportunity for community members to share their talents, to play a role in helping their community be better prepared when disaser strikes, and to inspire others to be more involved in their community,” added Melencio.Highlights of the day included exhibits, talks from experienced and budding innovators, panel discussions, and a session where the innovators supported by TUKLAS pitched their disaster-preparedness solutions to their potential partners and networks.

Filipino innovations featured at The Pasundayag National Fair are:1. Ania Design Lab: The Disaster Preparedness Simulator The Disaster Preparedness Simulator allows users to experience what happens when a disaster strikes through virtual reality.Tech4DRRM: Solvex38 An intelligent flood warning and monitoring system that alerts the community when floodwater reaches a certain level.OBXS: People’s Initiative and Involvement in the Development of Technology (PINDOT) Offline mobile application for emergency reporting, information sharing, and mapping Carlos Hilado Memorial State College: Bottle-Net Life Jacket used fishnets and discarded plastic bottles turned into a do-it-yourself personal flotation device for every familyAlay Bayan-Luson lnc.: Community-led disaster risk reduction and management skills transfer Community-led disaster risk reduction and management skills transfer to strengthen the capacities of the Disaster Preparedness Organization (DPO) of Cadiz through knowledge, skills, experiences, and lesson sharing.Ifugao Peasant Movement: Revitalizing Camote Production in Ifugao Community-based reproduction of trichoderma for camote revitalization through trainings, nursery propagation of clean planting materials, field testing, and mass production of planting materials for community farmers.Child Alert Mindanao, lnc.: Bamboo River Embankment Building of bamboo river embankment to mitigate the impact of recurrent flooding in Barangay Mainit, Cateel, Davao Oriental.Center for Emergency Aid and Rehabilitation (CONCERN), Inc.: Floating Agriculture.The floating agriculture aims to help communities to have alternative food sources during times of calamities.The aim of the PASUNDAYAG Innovation Fairs is to gather support and strengthen the innovation space for Filipino innovators, all the while showing to the country and the world that there are innovative ideas in the Philippines waiting to be discovered and supported.About TUKLAS Innovation LabsThe goal of the Philippines TUKLAS Innovation Labs is to discover Filipinos from all walks of life who have innovative ideas to better prepare communities for disasters but are in need of support to make their ideas a reality. TUKLAS provides innovation teams with what they need to succeed: mentors, training, and up to one million pesos worth of seed funding to test and rehne their ideas. They have also set up four co-working spaces around the country to provide for the teams’ basic office needs. They connect innovators to communities, experts, government, non-government networks.and partners.The Philippines TUKLAS Innovations Labs is part of the Disasters & Emergencies Preparedness Programme (DEPP) Innovation Labs, a programme that is funded with UK aid from the UK government, and managed collaboratively by the Start Network and the Communications with Disaster Affected Communities (CDAC) Network. TUKLAS is also a consortium made up of four NGOs experienced in working from within the communities in the Philippines in improving emergency preparedness and response Plan International Philippines, CARE Philippines, Action Against Hunger, and Citizens’ Disaster Response Center.